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Refueling Trucks | Plant Hire | Titan Plant Hire | Equipment Hire and Rental | Perth Western Australia WA

Refueling Trucks

Hino GFIJ Fuel Truck

Hino GFIJ Service Truck TSU05

  • Inclusions :
    • 2 x E-Stops, 3 x Oil Tanks ,
    • 75CFM Compressor, Complete with ROPS,
    • Fire Fire Extinguisher,
    • Grease, Flashing Light,
    • Lockable Battery Isolator,
    • Lockable Starter Isolator,
    • Mine Specified, Waste Oil,
    • Reverse Alarm, UHF Radio
  • Capacity : Fuel – 4000L

Hino Ranger Pro 5 4x2 Tray Truck

Hino Ranger Pro 5 4x2 Tray Truck (Refueling)

  • Inclusions :
    • 20kg Grease , 70CFM Compressor,
    • Complete with ROPS,
    • L/V Nozzle,
    • Mine Spec
  • Capacity : 5000Ltr Fuel Tank with Quick Fill

Please Note: Some of these specifications are based on generic OEM information, actual equipment specifications may vary.