Our workshop carries out a wide range of repairs from machine servicing and preparing for hire through to full chassis up rebuilds.

Titan Plant Hire boasts the following:

  • 3800 square metres of workshop space
  • 400 square metre Boilermaking Workshop
  • 270 square metre Component Rebuilding Workshop
  • 650 square metres of in-house spare parts & stores department
  • R5 Robo Wash
  • 4 x overhead gantry cranes
  • 2 x workshop only forklifts
  • Hydraulic cylinder rebuild bench
  • 100 & 35 tonne presses
  • Well stocked and manned tooling store
  • Onsite hydraulic hose building facility

Our Component Rebuild Workshop carries out repairs and rebuilds on all machine components:

  • Complete engine rebuilds
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Differentials, wheel ends and all driveline component rebuilds
  • Hydraulic pumps and cylinders
  • Suspension struts and components

Our Boilermaking Workshop carries out the following:

  • Rebuilds and fitment of wear packages on wheel loaders and excavators buckets from 5-85 tonne
  • Rebuilds and liner fitment to dump truck trays
  • Fabrication of catwalks, accesses ladders and hand rails to all machines.
  • Mine specification fit-up of all new machines